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Quality Work Through Dedication

Our quality work is the service/task we complete successfully within the estimated time, with the end output satisfying the expectations of everyone involved, including oneself.

We work across board, with international standard.

SYNOPSES of research services

Fast Track Work

We have experts in the following areas. Our workers are up-to-date in research work giving you the best writings, trainings, monitoring, data management etc.

Research Proposal

Dissertation & Proofreading

Baseline Survey

Project Proposal

Business Plan

Monitoring & Evaluation

About Us

We stand for research into human development

At CUI, we employed cost-effective research methodology. We develop winning combination of expertise and practical skills to excel in research, leading to entrepreneurial roles.

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At Coreuni, we provide experienced training on entrepreneurship design and implementation leading to unique solutions to businesses.


Data Analytic & Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Business Intelligence  is a single-platform approach to getting data to decision makers across an organization.


Business Coaching

We form a collaborative relationship between a business owner or CEO and a professional coach, aimed at strategically developing a successful business using data they already have.


Statistical Reporting

We make  a transmission of information in  real meaning on vital points and events to the agency responsible for compilation of statistics on the business.

research programmes

Our SErvices

research design

We design both qualitative and quantitative research with the best sampling techniques leading to innovative idea generation. Human development, job creation and community health.

data collection

We employed the best field practices into questionnaire design and interviews. Using up-to-date computer assisted programmes in our data collection reducing errors right from the field.

data analysis

We use modern statistical tools in our manipulation leading to reflective virtualization of information. Reporting simple terms by reducing statistical jargons into meaningful information for public consumption.

END Project

helping business grow

community networking Project

Our entrepreneurship development project (END-Project) has been design to create network of innovative graduates


web design & Entrepreneurship

This model combined website design and entrepreneurship concept to create innovative idea to solve a problem in our environment. 


Agriculture Innovations

The aspect development with agriculture, using technology to increase production, control weeds and  to bring marketing solution. Displaying farm produce to the world.


Educational Technology

The entrepreneurship aspect of web education is enshrined when web development is link. 


Detergent Technology

We apply herbal in the production of detergents and cosmetics. 


waste Management Technology

This model is the best of all because thousands jobs can be created out of that. The waste can be turned into different kinds of product, given ultimate results.


Herbal Technology

Herbal Technology is one of the old method of treatment. We have developed a model that in line with the modern technology for treatment. 

Research work leading job creation

our focus is on Research & Entrepreneurship

Master real-world business skills with our immersive platform and engaged community.

Our online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Explore your creativity!

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Partnership with Churches

We deal with  numbers to help other people. Why church ? because they have numbers

Partnership with Community

In the community, we share common dream and we should be able to help one another

Partnership NGO's

We join hands with NGO’s to create a system that can assist in job creation. 

Assess new business opportunities, harness innovation, and transform your idea into a viable venture.

Improved their professional life

Group Plan

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global data strategy

Help your employees master essential business concepts, improve effectiveness, and expand leadership capabilities.


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Business Models

People in local churches form a sponsor to help establish at least one business venture for a church graduate.

Easy Models

We have integrated Online system to support our program and create unique career pathway opportunities.

Practical Evaluation

Up-to-date system for monitoring and evaluation. We create a professional to improve work on our activities.

About Us

CUI is multi-purpose organization. We work as research entity, given enough room for community research into entrepreneurship by bring solutions to people. Our motive is to create chain of change (3C’s) to the community through innovative research and project implementations.