Community development

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand community and how to develop it
  • Become agent of change in your community
  • Influence others in developmental issues

Topics for this course

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Introduction to Community Development?

• Community work or community development involves an analysis of social and economic situations and collective action for change based on that analysis. It is centered on a series of principles that seek to go beyond consultation to participation and beyond capacity building to consciousness raising and empowerment. It recognizes the changing and often hidden nature of the structural inequalities based on ‘race’, class, gender and disability to name but a few. It seeks to be transformative rather than conforming and empowering rather than controlling. Community work is not a process that takes place in a short time frame as it seeks to address deeply rooted inequalities and forms of disadvantage. It is recognized that it takes varying lengths of time to achieve tangible results depending on the community involved. Although various definitions of community development/community work are used by different organisations and groups, definitions generally have a number of common elements.
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Community Development – Communication and Leadership Skills?

At the end of this module, you should be able to: Describe some key communication techniques and active listening. Discuss learning styles and the key features of adult learning. Explain the role and functions carried out by a facilitator. Outline the steps involved in delivering an effective presentation. Explain what news media is and list the different channels a community development group can use to publicize their message. Describe how to handle interviews and difficult questions. List the roles of a leader and discuss the characteristics of an effective leader. Outline the use of the tell, sell, participate and delegate styles. Explain the different stages of negotiating and how it differs from mediation.

Community Development-Model?

This video courses. Kindly watch it and develop yourself.

About the instructor

S. D Franklin is a Ghanaian by birth who is currently working at CCIT and CEO of Coreuni Impact of the Republic of Ghana. He has been in this  office since January 2017. He attened KNUST, TTU and Yesbud University India with background in Statistics, ICT & Master in Public Health.
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